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To Work.

Give human workers the freedom to do meaningful work. Automate document processing with the Workist AI Worker.

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Your digital workforce

Workist applies cutting-edge deep learning technology to document processing.

Our AI Workers are able to process unstructured data – fast, precise and cost-efficient.
A unique human-in-the-loop design allows your AI Worker to interact with your

employees while learning from human feedback.

Give your human workforce the freedom and time for more meaningful and fulfilling tasks.

Explore our Use Cases

Order Receipts

Process incoming orders faster and scale sales with ease.


Order Confirmations

Automate order confirmation checks and improve forecasting accuracy.


Tax Documents

Validate tax statements and never pay too much or too late again.

AI-Based Process Automatisation

Today, employees spend a lot of time sorting and processing hundreds of documents every day.

Based on machine-intelligence built for documents, our AI Workers can process thousands of documents every day – automated, fast, cost-effective.

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“On the one hand, the high degree of automation accelerates the input process, and on the other hand, the input quality has been significantly increased. In addition to the actual order entry, Workist was able to provide us with a solution for the comparatively rigid order-related master data entry of the ERP system without us having to make any major adjustments to our ERP system.”

Sebastian Anders

APD Schlauchtechnik