outsmart.ai becomes workist – the automation platform for administrative processes.

Order Entry

  • Data Input
    Orders in your company’s inbox are identified automatically
    Customer and line item data is automatically extracted and validated with your own data
    When the AI Worker is unsure, employees can quickly help them learn new cases
    All purchase orders are automatically entered into the target ERP System (e.g., SAP or NAV) via EDI/XML
Workist Intelligent Process Automation › Order Registration Automation

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How it works

Document import

  • Thousands of incoming orders are automatically imported from your e-mail inbox or uploaded as faxes or scans.
  • Relevant data, such as customer data and order line items, are extracted using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

Data extraction

  • All relevant data is extracted on the spot by our AI Workers. When there are uncertainties in the extraction process, employees are asked for their quick and easy assistance.
  • The AI Worker validates all extracted information based on your article and customer data and continuously learns from your employees’ feedback.

XML entry into SAP

  • All orders – both fully automatized ones and the ones where employees helped with uncertainties – are automatically transferred into a connected SAP or other ERP system.
  • Based on standard formats, such as EDI/XML or APIs, integration of our solution is fast and easy, giving you quick and sustainable benefits within days.


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