outsmart.ai becomes workist – the automation platform for administrative processes.

Intelligent Inbox

  • data Input
    Our AI Worker checks all incoming e-mails (e.g., to info@company)
    All messages are categorized and are sent to the right department or to another AI Worker
    In case of uncertainties, employees can easily teach AI Workers to categorize new documents
    AI Workers can connect to other automation tools, such as RPA bots or API-services to trigger actions or initiate new process instances
Workist Intelligent Process Automation › Email Inbox Automation

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How it works

Connect your collection inboxes

  • Incoming e-mails delivered to collection inboxes (such as info@company or service@company) can be collected and sorted by our AI Workers automatically
  • Even scans of incoming postal mail can be handled by our AI Workers to categorize and process them together with all other inbox items

Categorize E-Mails and PDFs / scans

  • All messages and PDFs / attachments are automatically and instantly categorized by our AI Workers to identify the right department or process
  • If an AI Worker is unsure about a certain message, it will ask an employee for assistance and learn from the feedback to be able to handle such cases automatically going forward

Route to the right department or AI Worker

  • All messages are automatically forwarded to the right department or the relevant Key Account Manager for further processing
  • Documents, such as orders or invoices, can also be forwarded to the next AI Worker so that it can handle the following process, like order entry or invoice matching, automatically on the spot. This gives you the opportunity to automate more and more administrative processes end to end with us


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