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How Contorion has automated its order confirmation checks with Workist
and now benefits from an automation rate of over 80%

28th March 2021

1. Contorion x Workist – Short Summary

Contorion is a digital specialty retailer for professional tools and industrial supplies.
Especially in the e-commerce industry, fast and customer-friendly order processing is crucial for the company’s success. 
Since 2020, Contorion has been working closely with Workist to automate processes in the area of order confirmation verification. By using Workist’s AI software, Contorion has been able to reduce process costs while improving processing speed and accuracy. Automation has freed up human resources to actively manage customer and supplier relationships, making a significant contribution to the company’s continued growth.

2. About Contorion

Contorion is an innovative and fast-growing online store for craftsmen. The product portfolio covers all the needs of the skilled trades, from professional tools to consumables and factory equipment. As a “smart store for craftsmen”, Contorion promises its buyers not only a wide range of products, top quality and personal advice, but first and foremost easy shopping. Keeping the promise of fast and uncomplicated purchasing requires a high degree of operational process excellence from Contorion.

3. Manual order confirmation checks – Before Workist

Contorion customers can choose from an online range of more than 30,000 different articles. Contorion sources the products almost daily from more than 180 different suppliers. For each order, Contorion receives an order confirmation from its suppliers, which can comprise up to 300 items and, in extreme cases, spread over 70 to 80 pages. This quickly adds up to 1,000 documents every day.
The data of the individual order confirmations must be reconciled with Contorion’s outgoing orders – and this has to be done manually: “They have to be checked line by line. It’s a very mindless but extremely important task because the prices or the delivery date can differ,” clarifies Stefan Underwood, the company’s Head of Logistics and Digitalization Officer.

4. Automated order confirmation checks – With Workist

Since last year, the online retailer has left the monotonous matching of data from order confirmations to the artificial intelligence “WorKI” from Workist.

“We have completely automated the processing of order confirmations with the AI solution from Workist. Not only does it save us tons of resources, but it also helps us scale our business further.”
~ Stefan Underwood, Head of Logistics at Contorion

5. Road to automation with Workist

Achieving an automation rate of over 90% in 2 months

Order confirmations often differ fundamentally in structure and format, content is different and data placement varies from supplier to supplier. Traditional technologies such as predefined templates or layout-specific data extractions quickly reach their limits and are laborious to handle. Workist’s innovative AI software, on the other hand, uses algorithms for intelligent document understanding that does not require any up-front training and continues to learn in the background during ongoing operation without any additional effort.  
Within a few weeks, an automation rate of over 90% was achieved. Stefan Underwood also positively emphasizes this rapid success: “Workist’s tool stands out because it produces very good results very quickly, regardless of the format of the document.”

“WorKI” as a hard learner and established member of Contorion’s sales team

In the meantime, 13 sales employees at Contorion are working together with WorKI – the artificial intelligence of Workist. If WorKI is unsure about the data extraction, a clerk is asked to check the corresponding data field and to correct it if necessary. Over time, WorKI intuitively learns how to handle special cases and can thus provide more and more comprehensive support to the employees. 

“We are very satisfied with Workist’s excellent support and flexibility.”
~ Stefan Underwood, Head of Logistics at Contorion